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Imbewu Design is an interior design studio working on environmentally conscious spaces that are bold in character, possess conceptual intent and strong narrative.

About Imbewu Design

Imbewu Design is an Interior Design studio working on environmentally conscious spaces that are bold, possess conceptual intent, and a strong narrative. We aim to create interiors that exude the opulence and elegance of Contemporary African Luxury design. We are passionate about this continent and endeavor to define and refine the contemporary African Modernist aesthetic for the Interior Design industry worldwide.

Imbewu Design Team:


Nkuli Nhleko

Creative Director & Interior Designer


Nicole Greenaway

Interior Designer


Kendal Armstrong

Interior Designer

Our Mission and Vision Statement

Imbewu Design is passionate about Africa, we endeavor to pioneer and refine the budding African contemporary aesthetic for the Interior Design industry worldwide. We hope to achieve this by sourcing, designing, and capturing the very best creative product this continent has to offer. We aim to escalate the value and understanding of modern-day African design in the global market.

What We Bring to the Table

Imbewu has formed long-lasting professional relationships with the very best African suppliers, manufacturers, galleries, and artisans. This encyclopedia of connections grants us the ability to produce proudly African bespoke product garnered to each project’s narrative. Yielding a wealth of knowledge on new technologies or advancements in the design to deploy in each space. We pay special attention to detail to ensure that there is careful consideration given to functionality.

Our Legacy

Imbewu, meaning ‘seed’ in the Nguni languages, exploring African-contemporary style in interior design. We hope that by refining this look within South Africa’s borders, we’ll be able to take this to the rest of the continent. We’ll be the ones to tell the rest of the world what a modern, contemporary aesthetic is. It’s our turn to define a Modernist African aesthetic on our turf, in our terms.

Featured Projects

Our Award-winning design language has lead to the amazing development of the Bank Hotel, the Social Parkwood, and the Melrose Office's.

Companies we have worked with in the past: