Social Parkwood

This bold and dazzling restaurant of the Afro-contemporary persuasion is an oasis for the sophisticated and modern South African style to have its moment to shine. The interior emulates the intrepid nature of South Africans and the grit and grandeur of the country that makes South Africans a colorful people in a beautiful place.


Features in this restaurant pay homage to evocative South Africa-‘ness’; A cocktail corner sits atop a platform that is a nod to the freshly polished red stoeps of yesteryear.


The The warm creamy colour of the wrap around bar with its rutted texture of worn out enamel tea pots and the big and beautiful murals showcase the fashion forward street wear of the cities very trendy youth who fuse traditional attire and international trends into a distinctive afro-futuristic aesthetic.


This local watering hole strives to be a “homey” space that invites customers to bask in the glory that is Contemporary African Design.